4CG - 4CT - 4CS

Metro Fluid Power specializes in the supply of current and obsolete Vickers Pumps, Vickers Motors, and Vickers Valves. Call today for an on the phone quote.

Complete units, parts, repair, and repair information.

Vickers 4CG 03 A 20 GE5 JA 52 Eaton 666859 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 03 F 20 GE5 JA S2 J Eaton 669537 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 A 20 GES JAJ Eaton 667390 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 A 20 JA S100 J Eaton 668478 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 C 20 GE5 JA J Eaton 669509 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 DA 20 GE5 JA S2 J Eaton 670974 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 DA 20 GE5 JA S33 Eaton 670659 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 F 20 GE5 JA J Eaton 667749 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06 F20 GES JA J Eaton 669606 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 06C 20 JA S100 J Eaton 669814 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 10 A 20 GE5 JA Eaton 668488 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 10 A 20UG Eaton 708318 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 10 DA 20 GE5 JA S2 J Eaton 670990 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG 10 DA 20 GE5 JA S33 Eaton 668719 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-03-A-21 Eaton 626499 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-03-C-21 Eaton 626500 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-03-DA-21 Eaton 626497 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-03-DC-21 Eaton 626498 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-03-F-21 Eaton 626501 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-A-21 Eaton 626523 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-C-21 Eaton 626524 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-DA-21 Eaton 626520 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-DC-21 Eaton 681992 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-DF-21 Eaton 730195 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-06-F-21 Eaton 626525 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG1 10 A 21UG Eaton 462613 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG1 10 C 21UG Eaton 615103 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG1 10 DA 21UG Eaton 462612 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG1 10 DC 21UG Eaton 984447 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG1 10 F 21UG Eaton 978312 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-A-21 Eaton 626545 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-A-21-S86 Eaton 879305 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-C-21 Eaton 626546 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-C-21-S86 Eaton 878638 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-DA-21 Eaton 626543 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-DC-21 Eaton 676708 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-DF-21 Eaton 02-342409 REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers 4CG-10-F-21 Eaton 626547 REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-A-21Eaton626502REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-C-21Eaton626503REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-DA-21Eaton730281REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-DA-21-S87Eaton02-390826REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-DC-21Eaton681743REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-03-F-21Eaton867459REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-A-21Eaton626526REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-A-21-S87Eaton890156REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-C-21Eaton626623REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-DA-21Eaton626521REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-DC-21Eaton626522REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-DF-21Eaton477448REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-06-F-21Eaton730698REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-A-21Eaton626548REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-A-21-S87Eaton890161REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-C-21Eaton626549REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-DA-21Eaton626544REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-DC-21Eaton989392REQUEST QUOTE
VickersF3-4CG-10-F-21Eaton502065REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-A-21Eaton626553REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-B-21Eaton02-304425REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-C-21Eaton626604REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-DA-21Eaton730227REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-DC-21Eaton626606REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-03-F-21Eaton02-141427REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-06-A-21Eaton626610REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-06-C-21Eaton626611REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-06-DA-21Eaton626613REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-06-DC-21Eaton626614REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-06-F-21Eaton516665REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-10-A-21Eaton626618REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-10-C-21Eaton626619REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-10-DA-21Eaton626621REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-10-DC-21Eaton626622REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CS-10-F-21Eaton867846REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 03 A 20 JA S100 JEaton667554REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 06 A 20UBEaton760268REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 06 DA 20UBEaton464135REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 10 A 20UBEaton465198REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 10 C 20UBEaton464712REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT 10 DA 20UBEaton465196REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-A-21Eaton626494REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-B-21Eaton880369REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-C-21Eaton626495REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-DA-21Eaton626492REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-DC-21Eaton626493REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-03-F-21Eaton626496REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-A-21Eaton626517REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-B-21Eaton626518REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-C-21Eaton626519REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-DA-21Eaton626514REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-DC-21Eaton626515REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-DF-21Eaton626516REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-06-F-21Eaton675051REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 06 A 21UBEaton462599REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 06 B 21UBEaton985849REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 06 C 21UBEaton985790REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 06 DA 21UBEaton462600REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 06 F 21UBEaton984205REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 10 A 21UBEaton462608REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 10 C 21UBEaton985852REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 10 DA 21UBEaton462609REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT1 10 F 21UBEaton976895REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-A-21Eaton626540REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-C-21Eaton626541REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-DA-21Eaton626537REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-DC-21Eaton626538REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-DF-21Eaton626539REQUEST QUOTE
Vickers4CT-10-F-21Eaton626542REQUEST QUOTE